Desideria - The Spirit

Once Athelstan left I walked into a different room to be a lone for a minute. I didn't feel like being apart of Felixa's indroductions again. Plus I felt a little awkward standing next to Trinnean. My cheeks felt warm when I looked at him.

I had been leaning again the wall staring out the window when I got the feeling that I wasn't alone. Turing I saw a strange sight.

A beautiful woman stood in front of me. Though she wasn't exactly..... human. I could see through her and her bare feet never touched the floor.

"Are you a ghost?" I asked softly, staring at the woman.

"I am a spirit." her melodious voice floated to my ears. "I am Nereida. I am the spirit of the Water Sage."

"Like as in Lysandra's umm...." I wasn't sure what to call her. I mean she wasn't Lysandra's mother.


"What do you want?" I asked a little cautious.

"Trouble is coming sooner than you think. You must leave now. Travel to the Undine Forest. There you will meet Alvar. He will help you train your powers and with weapons to protect yourselves." she said in an urgent tone.

"Des?" I heard Cal call from the hallway. She sounded just as urgent as Nereida.

"I must go." the former Water Sage said.

"What if-"

"Just call my name if you need me." Nereida said "I will come." She vanished just as Cal burst through the door.

"Des there's something I need to-" she began but I cut her off.

"We need to leave. Now!" I said turning to look her in the eye. "Let's go tell the others." I said before exiting the room.

The End

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