Athelstan: Silence

Shadrach and I followed the girl into the house. Immediately, all present turned and looked at us. Most smiled, two had blank looks on their faces.

"I'm Shadrach, the Fire Sage." Shadrach pointed to himself. He then waited for me to introduce myself. I said nothing. He then sighed, muttered, "Shy kids..." then said, "This is Athelstan, the Air Sage." I nodded and twirled a ribbon-like bit of wind around my finger.

Stepping up to the old woman, I asked her quietly, "May I be allowed to be on the roof? It's not dangerous for me up there, my guardian let me be up on the roof all the time."

"Go ahead." She smiled kindly at me. I nodded to her then left the house. Walking around the house, I used the air to boost myself up onto the roof. Sitting down, I began to stare at the trees, wondering which would be the best to repair my wings with.

The End

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