Calathea - Truths

I left the main group soon after the 'Tia/Sherly' argument, I needed to clear my head a bit and sink into the reality of everything. It'd all happened too suddenly - I'm a Sage, the Life Sage. There are other Sages each with supernatural powers, and we just accept it and save the whole world as we know it. How can eight kids and a witch save eight kingdoms, each with their own stupid problems?

I mean come on, there was rife tribal war in the eastern city of Halea, The Third Kingdom over some misunderstanding hundreds of years ago and neither side wants to back down.

In the central city of Utos, The Fifth Kingdom, poverty and poor sanitation had lead to thousands dying and children being forced into back breaking labour as young ages so they could live in a squalid conditions.

In the far north in the Sixth Kingdom of Gamiak, where the life expectancy had risen so high people were living into their hundreds, the medicine was so good that hardly any premature deaths occured, and they were populous and getting older. They banned children for being born for the last ten years as there just wasn't enough space and jobs, they were living themselves to death. They needed order.

On the island of Jaxoel, The Second Kingdom, droughts had lead to famine and crops dying.

The western city Liosc in the First Kingdom, had it seemed, been blessed with the most fertile lands, the best weather and most diverse animal and plant life in the land but corrupt governing bodies in the city threatened the balance, building and polluting, completely wiping out so many unique species.

The southerly triplet cities of Basi, Ficque and Dengu (Fourth, Eight and Seventh Kingdoms in that order) were stuck in the worst of trouble. Robbery in an around the close cities was guaranteed, slaves from other kingdoms were forced to work for the rich residents, the poorer areas are breeding grounds for sickness. All mortal crimes had more than quadrupled, all 'foreigners' visiting or living in the cities are targets for murder, people were killing themselves, rape and adultery, woundings and torture.

We are in way over our heads, Even if we do sort one out - could it be real peace. And that can't be all the problems. The air was charged with Magickal energy since the solstice a few weeks ago - I could feel it in my bones.

I turned over in the bed and watched Forget in her web. Spiders were well known magickal creatures and extremely sensitive to changes in the magickal fields.

I examined her web closer, the pattern seemed normal until it suddenly hit me - the web, it was backwards, the spiral was anticlockwise. Her leg was working well and she was wrapping a fly in silky threads. She didn't look too bothered about it though. I reached up and allowed her onto my hand.

"How are you Forget? Lonely over here?"

It was spooky, like I could understand her, and her me. She nodded, a distinctive nod!

"Is this room green?" Nod.

"Is the sky green?" Shake.

Not only did she understand, she was intelligent.

"Is there something wrong?" Nod.

"Is it something with you?" Shake.

"Me?" Shake.

"All us Sages?" Nod, Shake, Nod, Shake.

"So maybe?" Nod.

"Is it the Magickal Energies?" Nod.

"Can we do anything?" Nod.

"Are you in danger?" Nod.

"Are we?" Nod.

I need to talk to one of the others.

The End

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