Lysandra - United at last

I was standing by the lake near Sherly and Felixa's house, practising making waves in the water, when I saw two figures moving through the woods in the direction of the house. One was a tall and lean with dark hair, the other was short and young, also with black hair. I ran up to them. 

"Hello!" I cried, making them both jump violently. "Who're you?"  The tall one, who had odd eyes, a strange burgundy, replied:

"We could ask you the same question." He said in a clipped voice. 

"Well that's easy. I'm Lysandra, or Lyra, and I'm the Water Sage." I replied with a smile, conjuring a bubble of water from thin air. Both boy's eyes widened. 

"Shadrach. Fire Sage." The tall one muttered, clicking his fingers and making a small flame appear on the tip of his first finger. 

"Athelstan. I'm the Air Sage." The younger boy said with a smile, a finger of air curling about his finger. 

"Ohmygosh!" I exclaimed, filled with joy. "Wait till the others see you! We are all finally united!" 

The End

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