Trinnean: Tia the Witch: Accepted.

The new kid, Benvolio or 'Near' as he puts it was just as flouncy and excitable as Felixa. They were only a year apart and they were already glued at the hip after just one hour. I believe that is called, 'best friends.'

'I told you they wouldn't like me. That pale girl over there is staring and the muscular one keeps on glancing over.' Tia commented nervously. It was true that no one had come over to us and said hello, but that didn't mean they didn't like her.

'Tia, don't be so glum. Go talk to someone. Your a girl. They're girls, well, most of them.'I said in a accidentally fake voice. She turned her head and glared at me, I looked away before I stared at her for too long.


'Don't call me Trin.'

'Trinnean. Can I talk to you?' Sherly asked, hovering a little way from Tia like Tia was a leper or something.

'Fine.' I grumbled.

She led me outside, I looked back and tried to smile at Tia, but it's hard to smile when you hardly ever do so.

Once we were out of hearing range she clenched her wrinkly hands and faced me.

'What on earth were you thinking bringing her back here?'She scolded me, furious, 'I would normally tolerate friends, but her? I can accept the fact that you might have been friends with a witch, but Tia the Terrible? Of all the people...'

'Tia is fine now.' I said through clenched teeth.

'No. I don't think so. I don't want her anywhere near the other girls.'She snarled, 'ecpecially my Felixa!'

'Fine! We'll just go save the lands on our own then!'I growled back.

'Oh no you wont!'

'Just watch me.'I yelled, stomping inside, grabbing Tia by the arm, 'Were leaving!'

Just as I was about to exit the door, a freezing cold hand locked itself around my wrist.

'You are not going anywhere. You will stay here, with that girl or not and help us.'A ice-like voice said in a deathly whisper; I turned my head to see no one else but the usually moody and silent Desideria! Her face was set in a determined expression and the whole room was quiet.

'You mean you don't mind Tia being here.'I asked curiously, but still with a stony edge to my voice.

Everyone shook their heads and shrugged indiferently.

'Thankyou...' A quiet voice called out, Tia? Yes, Tia had finally gathered up the courage to speak and was smiling a gentle and thankful smile.

'Welcome to my home!' Felixa laughed, pulling Tia out of the shadows and into the light.

Tia let out a tiny joyful laugh and spun around in a circle with Felixa and Near.

I smiled and Desideria poked me.

'I've never seen you smile like that before. Is she your lover?' Desideria smiled feebly.

I snorted, 'my 'sister'. We've been together since we were small. I've never thought of her that way.' Desideria's expression didn't change, 'and, how come you can touch me. You said once that you kill whatever you touch.'

She tapped her nose and gave me a cynical smile, 'secret.'

I wonder what that meant...?

The End

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