Desideria - Benvolio

Cal and I watched as the Time Sage skipped down the hallway we had just come from. Cal smiled while I just grabbed an apple, took a bite and leaned against the wall. Apples only died if I touch them while they were still on trees. Like this they were technecolly already dead since they had been taken away from their life source.

The others, except Trinnean, came in and Felixa was the first to speak (which didn't surprise anyone).

"Hi! I'm Felixa. What your name?" she asked giving him a huge smile. By the looks of it she wasn't much older than the new guy.

"I'm Benvolio but please I would prefer it if you would call me Near instead. Benvolio isn't exacly a name I like." he said giving us a friendly smile. "What are the rest of your names and which sage are you?" Near asked just as Trinnean burst into the house, stopping next to me. A girl standing next to him.

"Lysandra, the Water Sage." Lysandra waved. None of them had noticed the girl yet.

"Felixa, the Light Sage." Felixa piped in

"Calathea, the Life Sage but you can call me Cal or Thea." That was when they looked at Trinnean and me. Sighing I spoke first out of the two of us.

"Desideria, Death Sage." I said, dully after swallowing another bite of apple. I nudged Trinnean to catch his attention. More to test if I could actually touch him. He showed no reaction except annoyance, which was expected.

"Trinnean, Sage of Destruction." he grumbled turning back to the girl. Who was she?

"Want to come practice your powers with us?" Felixa asked. Benvolio just shrugged and followed Felixa and Lysandra outside. Cal and I walk to the doorway and watch them.

"Well I touched Trin and nothing seemed to happen." I said to Cal before throwing my apple core into the forest.

"Should we try someone else?" she asked looking at me

"Yes but not now. Just in case it doesn't work and I end up hurting one of them." I said a little softer. The memory of the day I first gained my powers came to my mind. I was six an I was coming home from somewhere. I ran to give Xanthias a hug and when I did he fell on the ground writhing in pain. I quickly shoved that from my mind as I began to feel the tears wanting to come.

The End

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