I slid off the horse.

"But, Why?" I had asked. Poking the sundial 5 times before he answered.

"Because it is your destiny, and time stops for no one. Except you," said the wrinkled old man, known as Gada. We sat in silence, for about 5 minutes, as I guessed.

"Let's review." I moaned, once again. We are reviewing the rules of time travel.


I cut him off in a cheery tone, my normal, sweaky voice.

"The rules of time travel are: One, remove all items all except under garments becuase no one wants to see your pale frail bodies. Two, make sure your holding hands with your time buddies, if you let go, consequences. Three, When in Past or Future make sure your older or youngerself see you, it's unnartural, you will go insane. Four, the time master is to stay in the now, while the others go. You don't want to get lost in the time paradox. Five, keep it simple. It's going to take a lot of concentration jusst to  reassemble your bodies. If you want to take an animal with you, you have to think for it too," I repeated. I had to say that everyday when I was little. Well, littler.

"Good, good."

       Flashing back to the future, I calculated that ten seconds in the Now, it would be three days in the Past. I skipped into the building, Gada walking slowly behind me. As I skipped down a hallway I thought of something creepy. "Time Zombies." I thought.

I shivered.

The End

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