Trinnean: Tia the Witch.

I stormed out of the house, slamming the door with as much force as I possibly could. I ran and I ran unitl the house and the little wood that surrounded it was out of sight.

There was only one person I wanted to see right now and that was my sister(or should I say Master's daughter? I mean she like a sister to me). Unlike me, she was aware of her special abilities right from the start.

Because Tia is a Well Witch. Because of our strong bond of friendship, I can summon her from a well. But I knew right from the start that witches--any kind-- were made in the creation the world to serve Sages and Sages only.

I remember that I saw I well on the way to Sherly's house. I sprinted a few more yards and scouted the area for a while, when I stumbled upon a crooked, crumbling, compleatly dry well. I grinned and hopped onto the edges of it.

'Tia! Tia! Come out where I can see 'ya!' I said the chant we made up when we were little. I jumped off as there was a great surge of water from within the well.

Tia was my childhood friend and is still my best friend. I don't respect her like my Master, but I don't disrespect her like any other person. I just treat her like Tia. Just Tia.

'You really should give me some warning before you summon me, Trinnean. It's annoying; what if I was bathing?' She smirked as she scrambled out of the well.

'Well, why should I show a witchy-wench like yourself any respect?' I sneered. She laughed and threw her strong, spindly arms around my neck.

'Nice to see you, Trin.' She smiled into my neck.

'You too. Anyway, I need you to help me.'I told her, 'I found our I'm a Sage and I met other sage's but I don't know how I'm supposed to. . .'connect' with them.' I blushed and bowed me head.

She put a finger under my chin and lifter my head up so I was eye level with her, 'Trinnean, if it involves being with other people, you and I cannot do this. Well you could at a push. But me? No one in their right minds would trust me after the incident.' She said sadly.

'No! Tia! No! You didn't mean to kill all those towns-men! They were gonna kill you! You've changed! I know you have!' I cried out, in a childish voice.



'I'm gonna help you seeing as you look like your about to cry. But I just know the guardians of the other sage's will tell them to not trust me.' 

'I'm NOT going to cry.' I said in a deep voice.

'As if. Well, let's go then.' She smiled, linking her arm through mine.

I showed her the way back to the little clearing when I saw a interesting sight: another sage had arrived.

The End

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