Shadrach- journey together


"You are the child of the Fire Sage," Galden said, his face lit with the flame of a candle, a flame I had produced. We were sitting in our small living room drinking some root beer, he was telling me about my past.

"Those are old stories, Galden," I snorted and sipped some of the root beer, pushing any hopes of it being real. "I am too old for stories like those."

"No Shadrach, this is not just another story," Galden placed his mug on the table and looked at me in the eye, "this is the story of your past. Your biological parents were consumed by the fires provoked by an insurgence in their village, the Fire Sage took mercy on their newborn son and made fire run through its veins. He assigned a guardian to watch over his development as a person and as the heir of Fire. That baby its you, Shadrach."

My eyes quivered, unable to grasp the truth of it. "That's not possible, if I was the child he chose then why did I live such a terrible childhood? Why was I assigned guardians like my foster parents?" I spat with distaste, remembering that couple I left years ago.

Galden sighed, a broken expression hung about him. "That is my fault. The night I was appointed your guardian, my own son died from a high fever. My soul was shattered and I just couldn't care for a kid that wasn't mine, so I left my duty. I am terribly sorry for being the cause of your unhappy childhood. I repent and started looking for you, and when I finally found you, my heart was happy watching the kid that had grown from the Fire Sage. But also angered at myself for allowing you to fall on those monster's clutches."

"Its not your fault," I managed to say as energy and color was drained from me. After a long and awkward silence I asked, "What now?"

"Find Shirley from the Eighth Kingdom, she will be expecting your arrival," Gandel answered, "along with the rest of the Sage's children." The next day I packed everything for my trip to the Eighth Kingdom and to meet what fate had destined to me.


I cast my shadow upon the kid that had fallen on the ground, a pretty bad fall if I may add. I looked down upon him, watching him gently tuck his broken object in his bag and muttering curses to himself.

"Ever tried walking before?" I asked innocently, a faint sneer escaped from my mouth.

The boy, younger than me, look up bashful and with wide eyes. His lips parted slightly and he busied himself with his bag once again. I rolled my eyes and knelt down to help him gather the pieces of what seem a broken hand-made wing. I had been walking through the seventh kingdom in direction to the port.

"Now you don't do you?" I asked. "Just a piece of advice though, walking has always been easier for a person."

"I can glide through the air," he muttered, snatching one of the long boards from me.

"Pretty well," I said sarcastically. Guilt repose in my heart and I offered him a kind smile to ameliorate the damage, "So, how far were you planning to go?"

"Eighth Kingdom," he said curtly, apparently still mad at me. He sighed and threw the broken pieces of wood away, "its useless now, I will never reach it by air..."

"I am heading to the Eighth Kingdom as well," I offered, "maybe you can ride with me."

"Ride with you?" he cocked his head innocently.

"That means, we can travel together," I tried my best not to roll my eyes for his naivety.

"Sure, why not," he replied. He swirled his finger in the air, with a flicker of motion, I saw a thin strand of wind wrap around his finger. My eyes grew bigger in size and admiration, he noticed me staring at him and quickly hid his hands.

"What was that?" I asked, certain it wasn't his mind playing tricks on him. "Was that some wind?"

"Uh-huh," he nodded uncertainly.

I came closer to him and snapped my fingers, a small flame sat in my fingertip. "I am the child of the Fire Sage," I confided in him, smothering the flame in my palm until it died away.

His mouth dropped open with utter amazement, "and I from the Air Sage."

"What's your name?"


"Shadrach," I introduced myself, "I guess we will be seeing each other more than any of us expected." He nodded and I helped him stand up, "let's go before its late, bet the others are expecting us." How strange it sounded, the whole idea of meeting other people with incredible gifts. We started to walk silently toward the sea where we would find a boat to take us to the Eighth Kingdom.

"Hey Shadrach..." Athelstan said, his large eyes on me.


"You are the tallest person I've ever met."

I laughed heartily at his comment, this probably made my day.

The End

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