Calathea - Life and death walk hand in hand

"Wait - Desideria, Can I speak to you?"

"Well you are right now, what do you want Cal?"

"I wanted to just talk to you, we seem very similar."

"Well you're talking, I'm talking - go away and if you hadn't realised, we're complete opposites."

"Maybe not, from death comes new life, and all life dies in one way or another."

"But not through me - it shouldn't."

She turns away, and all I can do is talk to the silky waterfall of hair.

"Why don't you join us? Just have some fun?"

"Death is fun?"

"Well how does you power work?"

"Everything I touch dies, everything that touches me dies."

"I have the opposite effect - and sometimes life isn't supposed to be too long."

I grab Desideria by the hand "Come and eat something, the food is dead already as far as I know."

She turned suddenly and pulled her hand away. She looked hurt. "What did you just do!"

"I offered you food?"

"No... you touched me - doesn't your skin burn or your bones feel like they're snapping?"

"No, I didn't know it was supposed to, maybe I'm immune to you, come and have some're thin and pale and lonely." I pulled her into a hug, she felt oddly warm, not burning. She felt angular and uncomfortable, but soon relaxed slightly.

"Do you think I can touch the others?"

"Well I'd try Trin first. He's Destruction Sage and therefore similar - you might just cancel each other out. And if we're all sages maybe we can't hurt each other?"

"Umm... maybe just you and Trin at first. Might attempt to touch someone briefly if you can be on guard just in case - yours is a touchy one too right?"

"Yes, touchy and if I really think about it some distance."

"Come on... you need to work with us, we're not going to bite, hard."

The sound of heavy hooves greeted us as we went back to the kitchen, The Time Sage had arrived, but who was that much older man with him? A guardian?

The End

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