The Sages of Death and Destruction.

When I awoke the next morning and stumbled, still bleary from sleep, into the kitchen, there were two unfamiliar faces seated at the table. 

One was a girl, who looked at least a year older than me, with long dark hair and pale skin. The other was a stony-faced boy, with long brown hair and piercing green eyes, who looked far older than I. 

"Who're they?" I asked Felixa in a low whisper. 

"Oh, you haven't been introduced yet, have you!" She smiled. "Well, introduce yourselves!" She directed at the pair, who were now staring at us.

"Desideria. The Death Sage." The girl said. She had a very long-suffering air about her voice, and looked as if she would much rather be on her own.

"Trinnean. I'm the Sage of Destruction, or so I'm told.." The boy said, his voice low but clear.

"Lysandra. Water Sage. I'm fifteen, by the way." I grinned. 

"Calathea." Cal said, emerging from the bedroom and coming to stand next to me. "The Life Sage. I'm nineteen, Lyra." 

"Sixteen.." Muttered Desideria. 

"Seventeen." Trinnean said, almost glaring at Cal. It seemed he had liked being the oldest, for a short amount of time.

"And I'm fourteen!" Felixa said brightly. "Now there are only three more sages left to come! The Fire Sage, the Air Sage and the Time Sage! I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to meet them!" 

"Breakfast, everyone!" Sherly called. We all trooped in and sat, uncomfortably close, around the tiny table. Felixa, Cal and I all chatted, but the other two sat in silence. Both seemed the withdrawn, loner types. When we had finished, I came up with an idea to pass the time whilst we waited for the other Sages. 

"We can hone our powers!" I say, grinning, pleased with my idea. 

"Yeah!" Felixa says, jumping up, ready and raring to go. 

"Uh, Ok.." Cal says, giving me a wary smile. 

"NO." Both Desideria and Trinnean say at once. 

"It is required for the Sages to train, strengthen their powers.." Sherly interjects. 

"Why not? Trin, Des?" I wail. "I hope you don't mind that I've given you nicknames!" 

"I don't want to." Desideria mutters, and retreats to the bedroom. 

"Do you really want me to blow you all up?" Trinnean says, and storms out. 

"Oh alright. Me, Felixa and Cal will train!" I smile, and skip out, not waiting for the others. 

I am happy again. Surrounded by other Sages, I feel like I finally fit in, like I truly belong.. I cannot wait until we are all united, all together, one big family, together again.. 

The End

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