Trinnean: The First Sage I Met.

I didn't expect the darkness to fall so quickly.

The land was glowing a eerie blue colour and I was sure I was heading in the wrong direction.  I was covering ground quickly and I had food to snack on and water to drink, so my mind should have been extra-busy right? But I couldn't get Master's words out of my head.

Was I really a sage? And the Destruction Sage at that. I know I'm violent and mean; but did I really have to be the Sage of Destruction...?

It was growing darker and harder to see as a made my way through a small wood. I kept on tripping up and accidentally blowing up tree's and such. So this wasn't the best journey I've ever been on.

I practically fell out of the dense forest and into the small clearing.

I looked up and spotted a small house. I grinned as I jogged up to it. I was just about to knock on the door when it opened and a women put a finger to her lips.

'Welcome, Trinnean.'She smiled gently, leading me inside the house, 'you must be quiet, the girls are all sleeping.'

I gulped, so far all the sages are. . . girls?

'Did Master tell you about my arrival?' I asked as she sat me down at the table and handed me a mug of tea. I nodded in thanks, I sipped at it. . . it was sweet. She must have been used to making tea for girls.

'Yes, he did.'

'Then, you know it's probably a mistake to introduce me to the other sages when I'm like this?'I asked in a sharp voice.

'They are girls.' She said simply.

'That's great, old women, but did he actually tell you about the threat I pose to these weak girls.' I snapped. I was mad, did they honestly think I would hold back my temper because they were girls?

'You don't pose a threat to them, surely. You have to work with them so I'm sure you wont. . uh, making them go away.'

'You mean kill them?'

There was a creak coming from the staircase. I spun around and raised my arms. I relaxed when I saw it was just a kid.

'Your child?' I enquired, if she was, then it would explain the sweet tea because that kid looked all frail and tiny and fair.

'I'm her gaurdian. She is the Light Sage, Felixa.' She stated.

'Her?! But she's so small!' I snorted. The young girl, 'Felixa' walked up to Sherly and pulled on the old womens sleeve.

'Granny, who is that boy?'She said in a sleepy voice, 'I heard voices and throught another Sage had come.'

'I am the other sage, dummy.' I grunted. Her half-closed, sleepy eyes opened widely and she smiled brightly.

'Oh! Well, I'm Felixa! The Light Sage. I like to play and wear flowery dresses.' She smiled an airy, dreamy smile. 

Her every movement looked as though she was dancing. She was a bit ditzy yet graceful. I was my gaze was glue to her.

'Trinnean... I'm Trinnean, the Destruction Sage.' I said loudly.

'Shhh! The others are asleep!' Sherly hissed.

'Is this kid even old enough to be a Sage? She doesn't really look. . . quite here.' I whispered to the old women.

'She's 14.'

'Oh. She looks about ten.' I snorted, maybe I was overstating. But she did look quite young with her big eyes and tiny frame.

'Well, anyway, welcome to our house, Trinnean. I hope we can be friends!' She said in  a hushed but happy voice.

Was I being. . .accepted for being a monster. . .?


The End

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