Trinnean: Meeting my Master.

Halfway down the dusty road to the Main City of the Eighth Kingdom, I remembered I left that old man's horse by the gate. I glared at nothing inparticular becuase I realised that it would have been much easier to get around on horseback.

I carried on giving a angry stare to my surroundings.

Boom. I jumped and raised my arms. I sighed when I saw it was me who created the 'boom' noise. This is why I hate being near people. I end up staring them to death(no pun intended!!), which usually was bad for my part.

'Trinnean! My dear boy!' A happy voice cried out from a small hut to the side of the road.

'Master!' I yelled, beaming at him. I pulled down my hood and ran over to him. I didn't expect his. . .house to be such a short distance from the gate.

'So it was you coming this way. I thought it could have been the giant.'He smiled.

'Master, how many times do I have to tell you? There is no giant! You crazy old coot!' I snickered, smiling back at him. This is the only person who didn't take me for a monster. He trained me and taught me how to control these strange powers that were bistowed upon me.

'Ah! Trinnean, you mustn't stare at my handsome face for too long!' He said, mockly scared, covering his face with his hands.

'Don't get too witty, old man, you'll get too confident and try to steal ale again.' I said, grinning at the memory.

'I wont make that mistake again.' He glowered, 'and anyway, how long are you staying this time?'

'I have no idea. 'Cause, you see, I only came to eighth kingdom because you summoned me. I have no idea why I'm here, Master.'

'It's something I've been meaning to tell you since you were seven, when you first gained your powers.' He said slowly.

'Yes? Yes?' I said impatiently.

'Trinnean, you know that your parents died, I've told you that many times before. But one thing I didn't tell you was that when your father died, he handed down his position as the Destruction Sage to his only child. You.' He said in a voice that was careful not to make me socked, angry or angry.

'The. . . Destruction Sage...?' I snorted. 'I accept, does that mean I can fight others without getting in trouble?'

'Trinnean! You must NOT abuse your position, it's very important! Also, you must go to another house. It's just beyond the gate. A old women lives there, her name is Sherly and I believe that the Sages are gathering. You must join forces with the Sage or Sages that are at Sherly's house and find the other Sages.'

I raised an eyebrow, 'Master, I don't work well with others.'

'Stop moaning and go! I'll see you soon, my boy. I promise.'He mumbled, stroking his beard.

'But I want to stay here! Train me some more!' I whined. I know I was acting like a child but I hadn't seen my master in ages.

'Go! Or I will hit you with my stick!' Master threatened jokingly, raising his wooden staff.

'I'm going! I'm going!'I laughed, 'thankyou, Master. For telling me. I will go and find the other Sages.'

He smiled tenderly and patted my head. He then pushed my shoulder, 'go on then! Be off with you!'

I grinned and jogged away. I never listen to other people. I hate having company and I hate being around people unless it's to fight. My Master is the only person in the whole wide world who I respect more than myself.


The End

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