Calathea - All life needs water, I need Lysandra

Calathea really didn't know what to believe; she just couldn't be the heir of the Life Sage, it was so improbable that... that... it was true!

She had just noticed, she had pets that were supposed to live a year at the most live ten years. Never a wilted seedling. She'd never been ill, or hurt physically. In fact, although she'd always put it down to being a born doctor with a good knowledge of medicinal herbs, she'd never tended to a paitent that didn't have a miraculous recovery.

She thought hard about it, the horses she'd ridden, they were never in ill health, not even a sore hoof, thorns and braken never cut at their hides. They seemed impervious.

Was this 'new' power limited in anyway? Could she reverse death, could she do more that she hadn't even imagined? Was it just things she could touch - could she heal emotions and minds, or just skin contact? It had to be thought about and tested, and Daedeia was old and had forgotten the main details.

Yes, she had managed to remember the location of one other Sage Child, Lysandra the Water Sage. Maybe she knew? It was a hope and they apparently didn't have long. Daedeia could see visions of a world engulfed in famine, pestilence, chaos and death.

The journey to the fourth Kingdom would take a few days by horse, and she had plenty of food but needed to restock on water when she could come by it.

Daedeia was outside in the dark sortin gout the horse, the fastest and strongest Stallion that she owned, "Fluffy". He was a Palimino and even-tempered. The saddle bags were packed on the table in front of her and she fiddled with the leather straps.

She retired to her room for a quick sleep before she set off in the early morning light. But once in bed was restless. How could she affect the world around her, could other people tell? Could they see it in the way she flicked her plaits behind her shoulders or the way she scratched her nose? She stared at the spider on the windowledge, it had seven legs. She thought it had eight, she believed it had eight.

It had to have eight. I think time it too to blink - it looked as it the spider had always had eight legs. It didn't seem fazed by it at all.

She scooped the spider into an ebony box with silver inlay and it started making a web inside. It seemed happy.

* * * * *

Daedeia hadn't come in at night - what had happened?

Calathea took her spider friend she'd named 'Forget' into her pocket in his new home and searched the house. Daedeia wasn't to be found.

Calathea could feel a sense of urgency in the air and picked up the supplies from the kitchen table and left the house to the stables.

Fluffy was ready, saddled and waiting but Daedeia was still missing. Then Calathea saw her.

Faced down in the straw motionless in a pool of blood was Daedeia, in her hand a note.

To my special little sage,

How I wish I could be there, I am sorry to tell you that when Daedeia was enlisted to be in your charge she hadn't long to live. She had just mere hours left. I, your father and mother, successor and ancestor halted her life so you would be safe. She and I both knew that when you were to leave her care she would die soon. I knew I would not live long enough to help you but know this, you child will be more powerful that you can imagine, but remember to believe in yourself, only then will you truely be magickal. From Maiae

Calathea touched Daedeia on the arm and believed that she would be alive. Wished and pleaded. But she remained a corpse. She wept quickly and took her mount. He knew where to go, Fluffy knew how to find Lysandra.

The End

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