Desideria - The Light Sage

It had taken me about two days but I managed to get to the Eight Kingdom without dying or killing anyone. I stood in front of the entrance to the kingdom. It was much nicer than the Seventh Kingdom. I pulled the hood of my cloak over my head before making my horse, Celandine, walk toward the gates. I only ever used Celandine to hold supplies because she would die if I ever wanted to ride her.

"State your name and your business." the guard said stopping my horse.

"My name is Desideria. I'm looking for my mother's friend, Sherly." I said just loud enough so he could hear. Xanthias knew the guardian that lived here and had told me that she had a very good record in the kingdom. Most of the people would know her. He also told me she was expecting me.

"Sherly you say?" the guard said, smiling. "She'll be on the edge of the kingdom by the river east of here."

"Thank you." I said before leading Celandine off in that direction.

When I arrived at the small hut where Sherly lived I was surprised that I had managed not to touch anyone. I walked to the door, knocked and waited. After a minute an older lady opened it. She took one look at me and smiled.

"I knew you were coming." she said as she led me inside. "Felixa there's someone here I would like you to meet." she said to a young girl who looked just a little younger than me. "Felixa this is...."

"Desideria." I said awkwardly

"Desideria is the one I told you was on her way." Sherly said a hit of saddness touched her voice. Felixa sensed it

"What's wrong granny?" She asked walking toward her guardian.

"You haven't told her yet have you?" I asked, figuring out Felixa's confusion. They both turned to me. Sherly nodded and Felixa kept looking at me then Sherly then back to me.

"Haven't told me what?" Felixa demanded "What is it that you're hiding?"

"Who you really are." Sherly said taking a seat. "Felixa this is going to take a minute to settle but you have to believe us."

"Who am I?" Felixa asked

"You are the Light Sage's heir." Sherly said.

And let the awkward conversation begin. I though dully.

The End

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