Lysandra - Truths.

"Bye-bye Raethor, I'm going down to the lake!" I call. Thor will still be groggy from sleep, and won't have the energy to  protest. 

"Lyra! No, you may not go down to the lake!" Raethor's voice stops me in my tracks. 

"Aw, but Tho-or!" I groan. 

"No. I need to talk to you. This is more important." He says seriously. At only thirty, he isn't even old enough to be my father, and yet he orders me around as if he is.. I sigh and turn around, trudging back through the waist-high grass in our large garden to the stone cottage we call home. I slump in my favourite chair, and Raethor sits opposite. I try my best not to look at him, looking instead at my floaty white dress, and my little blue cardigan. 

"Was there something?" I mutter, longing to get down to the lake. 

"Yes. I.. I need to tell you the truth." He says seriously, looking deep into my eyes. Before I can say another word he begins his story, telling me how my parents got ill and died shortly after I was born, and I was put into an orphanage. 

"Yeah, I know this part!" I smile. "What's the point of this?" He sighs. 

"Let me continue. When you were still young, you were chosen, by the Sage of Water, to be her Heir. She gave you all her powers, and entrusted you to me, telling me to keep you safe until the time was right. I was only eighteen at the time, but when spoken to by a Sage you do not disobey. And so you must not disobey. You must search for the other seven young Sages. There are dark times ahead, and you must unite, or else all will be lost." 

It is all too much for me, and I rush out, weaving along the grassy path  and into the woods, down to the lake. Throwing off my clothes, I leap in. To my amazement, I can breathe, perfectly. I rise to the surface and concentrate on a patch of water in front of me.  Slowly, a bubble forms, and rises. I gasp, and it pops. 

Maybe I really am the Water Sage.. 


The End

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