Felixa- The Fairies

I liked days like this, when the sun shone out from behind the feathery clouds, bathing the world in golden light. I looked at the cool running river next to the hut, how the light danced of the top, like little fairies playing in the water. I couldn't resist the thought of a swim.
Slipping into my sandals, I crept to the door of out hut.

"And where are you going, young lady?" Granny asked dawdling towards me.

"To play with the fairies!" I answered, twirling in my yellow dress.

"The fairies?" My granny looked outside, a puzzled expression, "I can’t see any."

"Look on the water granny, the little light fairies are dancing!"

She looked at me, a slight twinkle in her eye as a smile softly lit the edge of her cheeks, "Of course, I should have guessed. To dance with the light," she chuckled, "Well, you can’t possibly swim in a dress, child." She raised her eye brow.

"Oh...yeah....I didn't think about that." I said, sitting on the floor, near the door.

"Why don’t you go out in the sun, and play in the grass for some time, hum...it won’t be long now..." her voice trailed away.

"What won’t be long, granny?" I asked, sitting at her feet.

"She's possibly already on her way..."

"Who?" I didn't like when granny spoke in riddles. There was silence in the hut for a few moments.

"Tell me dear, why do you call me granny?" She asked, the question took me by surprise.

"Because....you’re too old to call mummy, and calling you "Sherly" seems weird....I guess, so granny." She patted me on the head.

"Sherly is my name, so why is it weird to you?"

"Because ...It seems disrespectful...and you’re like a granny to me." I didn't like this conversation, it was awkward. She patted me on the head.

"What a good little girl you are. You'll be a fine young lady, a very fine young lady." She smiled, "You better go play now...while you still can bask in these shining days." She got of her chair, and lead me out into the sun.
"Soon...soon, she will come, and I will tell you, everything." She sat with me, my head against her shoulder, confused and bemused by the past conversation, storing it away, to contemplate on some gloomy day, when the sun wasn't so beautiful in outskirts of the Eighth Kingdom.

The End

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