Trinnean: The Eighth Kingdom.

'Oi! You little git! What're you doing with my horse?!' Yelled the crippled old man.

'Stealing it. Before you try to stop me, your house has been blasted away.'

'No it ain't!'

I stared at the old mans house, 'now it has!' I laughed as the house crashed in on itself and the old man started crying. It's not like I take pleasure from mkaing old giddies weep(much), I just really needed this horse. My feel are killing me!

I was riding for about three hours when a huge gate with a gaurd next to it put up a arm.

I tugged on the horses reins and she skidded to a halt.


'Show me your gold and you can pass.'

'You think a traveller like me has gold to spare?' I snorted, 'open the gate.'

'You cannot pass without the gold, traveller!'

'I'll fight you for it.' I grinned. The solder squared his shoulders and sniffed.

'No. I can't, not while I'm duty.'

'Um, did you turn into a wench while I blinked? Fight like a man and don't turn down my challenge. It'll scorch your pride.'I said in a cocky voice.

I started counting down as I got off the horse.

'Nineteen, Twenty. Sorry ol' fella'. But I win.' I sighed as the man exploded. His keys flew high into the air and I stuck out my hand to catch them.

I pulled my cloaks hood down and opened the massive gates. I smiled like a little boy as I slipped through.

I covered my head once more and headed into the ritch, wealthy, Eighth Kingdom!

The End

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