The Prophecy of the Sages

One by one the Sages die
One by one their children open their eyes
Power of Darkness spreads through the land
Together the new Sages take their stand
All together they shall prevail
Separated and they shall fail
I'm still working on it but so far I think it turned out pretty well....

Long long ago the Sages brought peace to the land after a horrible war that divided the world in half. With the help of the Sages the people were able to bring themselves back together as one.

But as time passed the Sages could feel something was wrong. Someone close to them was plotting against them but they didn't know who. So to keep their power safe they each chose one orphaned child, claimed them as their ward and gave them their power. Once that was done they sent one to each one of the eight kingdoms that resided on the world. When the time was right the children would meet and find their own destiney.

It was right after that when the betrayers revealed themselves. The Sages of Death and Destruction attacked their fellow beings. Though they had given away their power they had somehow managed to find a way to gain a much more powerful source of engery.

They forced their old friends to go into hiding and began to spread darkness through out the land. Death and Destruction began looking for the children that were the Sages' heirs but the other Sages were one step ahead of them and managed to hide each of the children with their own special guardian that was to tell them who they were when the time was right.

At the height of their reign something happened. Something that caused Death and Destruction to vanish. No one knows what happened. Many say that the good Sages had finally come to save them. Others say that Death and Destruction had lost their powers and were now in hiding.

As peace returned to the land the remaining six Sages were finally laid to rest. The eight kingdoms were restored and the children grew up. Unknown to what had happened. Unknown to who they were.

But as the years when by something happened and Death and Destruction were seen once again. They were weak but gaining power with every day. This was the day that the guardians knew was the right time. 

The End

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