I had managed to get away from my foster parents house and find my way to the park. Zosima hadn't called me of course. But I knew she was home and at the park waiting for her friends. It's a gift of mine they told me.

Zosima and her friends are the only people who have really been nice to me. My mommy and daddy didn't even like me. All they did was ignore me. Then one day when I was five they called someone and had them take me away. I haven't seen them since. I just move around a lot. I usually end up running away and getting caught.

When I reach the park I find Zosima, Unity and Odelia there waiting for the others. Zosima knows I'm there and turns to smile at me. I smile back and sit in her lap.

"Hey guys Dessy's here." Zosima said running her fingers through my hair. Unity and Odelia turn from Unity's slingshot I think it was called and smile at me.

"Hey you." Odelia says. They sit down next to us. "How are you?"

"I'm good. Summer was boring though." I answer Zosima squeezes my shoulders gently.

"That makes two of us." Just then a boy with buzzed hair who looks familer walk over and covers Unity's eyes.

"Lewis!" she yells and Odelia glances at Zosima and me.

The End

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