I'm Odelia. My power you might ask, well that's just it. I don't use it so not many know. I can fly. What a strange power, yet very useful. I have long dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.  I'm just above four feet tall.

          The phone rang. "I'll get it mom." I called. I ran to go answer it. It was Zosima.  "I'll be right over." I said hanging up. I grabbed my bag and took off. My mom never cared that I was gone. I leave for days and she doesn't care so I don't bother telling her where I am.

          A few minutes later I walked up to the two girls. "Hey." I said startling Unity but of course not Zosima. I sat down. "What are we going to do now?" I asked.

       "Keep waiting." Zosima replied.

      "Hey Unity, I'll shoot with you."  We stood up and walked a little ways away and started shooting.

The End

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