Zosima- Home Coming

Finally the last week of torture ended. I was so excited when our butler, Jonathan, packed all our things in the limo (my parents could not stand to be seen driving in anything else) and we drove back to our small town. I refused to sit in the back with my parents and as always I sat next to Jonathan.

"Welcome come home, Miss Walter." Jon smiled as we pulled into the driveway of our "house". You see unlike other kids who live in small, brick houses we lived in a big house. It's huge and the yard is even bigger.

Once the car stopped I was out of the limo and headed to my room in a flash so I could put my backpack in my closet. My room is not one of the cleanest rooms in the house. I make sure that none of the maids clean it so I can get on my parents nerves.

Later that day I was sitting on a bench in the park waiting for my friends to show up. I had called them all as soon as I could and told them to meet me here. So I sat there waiting for any sign of familer people.

The End

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