My name is Unity. I'm a strange little girl with the ability to hide in the shadows or in the light of the sun. Practically invisible, but not really. My height is only just above the three foot mark. My hair is a light brown down to my waist that blends with the shadow and turns gold in the sun. Perfect, I'd say. My eyes are a dark brown. I am eleven years old.

I ran towards my friend Zosima's house to see if she was home yet, right below her bedroom window. Her room was on the second floor, but that was no problem for me. I had a rope that I used to climb with, helping me make up for my strange smallness. So, using my rope, I climbed up to her window. Her room was: empty.

"Aw man. I was sure she'd be home today." I climbed down and pulled on my rope, making it fall to the ground. Picking it up, I started walking back to my own home while winding it around my waist.

The End

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