Hello, I'm Darius. I'm not sure how tall I am, but I'm not all that tall. I have brown hair that is mostly a mess 24 hours each day. I was walking through the park, aimlessly. I always have my mind in "tune" with my other friends. I heard Zosima's thoughts. So I turned around and saw Zosima on a bench with Dessy on her lap. Unity with her hands on her hips, arguing with Lewis, as usual. I would tell you their thoughts, but I'm not. Carlos was standing near by, Odelia was lying on the ground. Oliver was talking with Zosima.

"I know you already know that I'm here," I said bluntly, flicking the back of Oliver's and Zosima's heads.  "I can tell," I said slyly sitting next to her on the bench, leaning my head back to laugh at Lewis.

"Dude, what happened to ya'?" Lewis tried to stare me down.

"Ah, I see." I smiled.

The End

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