I was smiling at Lewis's new hair cut and playing with Dessy's hair all at the same time when I sensed Oliver approaching. I looked up at him just as he spoke.

"What's so funny?" For some reason he was walking backward but I wasn't going to ask.

"Lewis's mom managed to tie him to a chair and shave him this moring. Something you might want to try." I said, finishing the first pony tail in Dessy's hair. Odelia was laying on the grass while Unity was making fun of Lewis.

"My hair's not that bad." He said, defensivly though he knew I was just joking.

"Have you even had a haircut before?" Dessy asked as I started on the second pony tail. Oliver nodded.

"Once but I regret doing that. I looked like a freak for weeks! And it's hard growing this stuff out." He smiled.

"Whatever." I said looking up before Carlos could do anything. I smiled up at him.

"Dang it I was sure I got you that time!" He exclaimed. I continued to smile.

The End

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