My name is Lewis. I normally have sand colored shaggy hair that goes to my neck line and covers my face a little, but this morning my mom decided she was sick of it like that and tied me to a chair and buzzed me. Grr. Now I have to live with it. I'm a 13 year old boy that bugs an 11 year old girl just for the heck of it. It's funner than you might think. My eyes are pale green, I might be short, but I'm taller than Unity. I bug her with that as well. Let's skip to the present, shall we?

 "Lewis!" Unity yelled at me as I covered her eyes. "What the crap?!" She pulled my hands off her eyes and turned to glare at me. She never got the chance. Her face contracted and tightened. I could SEE her right eye twitch.

 "What?" I decided to activate it just to get it over with. Unity burst out laughing. She fell over laughing. She rolled on the ground laughing. She was laughing that hard. I turned and looked at the other girls.

 "What's with the new style?" Zosima raised her eyebrows.

 "My mom got sick of it. So she buzzed me this morning."

 "You look like an idiot!" Unity choked out. Tears were making her cheeks wet. She was laughing THAT hard. Curse her.

The End

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