The Prophecy

Eight friends who live a normal life suddenly find out about a prophecy that involves them.... and dragons...


I, Zosima Walter, am no ordinary girl. For some reason I can sense other people presence no matter where they are. At first I thought I was just a very lucky guesser but then I began to wonder if being able to see what people are doing from a completly differnt room without being told what they were doing was a luck guess.

I sat on the flat roof of my parents summer home watching the sun set. Oh how did I wish I were back home. All my parents did was work. Even durning the summer! They hardly even noticed me anyway. I could come it with a broken arm and tell my parents and they would hardly look. All they would say was "Go put a band-aid on it." like band-aids were the simplest thing you could do with a broken arm. I wished I could see my friends again. At least I only had to stand this torture for one more week.

I began to wonder what they were doing right now at this minute.

The End

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