Dead Man Walking

I stood from the cot and went to the barred window in the door of my cell when I heard the outer door open and then shut suddenly. I'd been here for a while now, and I'd noticed that at random points throughout the day that door would open, and people would file in. People dressed in uniforms; guards. They would go into a cell a few doors down from mine and take out a man. He was always dead when they did this. I could sense there was no life in his body, but after a short period, they would come back carrying the dead man and dump him in the cell again. After a short time, I could sense life in the cell again.

My powers had gotten better since I'd come here, being mostly unsupervised I'd had a chance to practice things, like my little candle-less flame and the sensing thing I did. I'd felt out the lock, but since it was made of both earth and fire, being metal, I could not yet concentrate enough to move it. I could only control one element at a time. I'd never experimented with air, as the only air I could manipulate was also the air I had to breath and I couldnt risk suffocating myself. There was no water either, but earth and fire abounded. The walls were stone, the floor, soft dirt, the fire, within me.

The man was back in a cell now, only, he'd been moved, he was now in a cell next to mine. An idea occured to me just as a shudder came towards me. The fire of life was rekindled in the cell next door; the man was alive. I selected a stone in the wall and focused on it turning into dust like the floor. A small amount of powder fell off the rock and onto the floor. Come on, come on...

The End

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