The Prison of Inhuman Beings

Someone has been hunting down inhuman beings and locking them up in a special high security prison for centuries. It is only together that they can escape.
If you are anything but human come help the cause!


I wake up and look around. Expecting my old room I remember sadly that this is not a dream. Why do I always think it's a horrible nightmare and when I wake up I'll still be at my father's castle and my older brother will be there telling me to get up? I think as I roll over to face to wall.

My name is Alexander. I have been in this prison ever since it was make years ago when my father found out about my mysterious gift. Terrified he gave me away and I have been here ever since. Somehow I haven't aged since then and I still look like the sixteen year old I was back in the medievel times.

I continue to lie there when suddenly the door is opened. I stand up and walk over to the small glass window on the door. I look out to see the prison guards dragging in a girl. It's too dark to see what she looks like or what she is but I can tell it's a girl.

Why? is all I can think.

The End

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