Anduin's eyes fluttered open once more. This time though, the sun was high in the sky and she was in a valley surrounded by a forest. A rustle came from behind Anduin in the grass.

Her heart skipped a beat, when a wolf came out from under the brush. Anduin froze. The wolf froze too, almost as instant.

Please, don't hurt me... She thought as the wolf approached her, slowly. It sniffed Amaia, then her hand, and sat down and nuzzled under her arm. Anduin, who had a very scared and confused look on her face, started to pet and talk to the animal.

"Are you lost, too?" The wolf looked at her, as if trying to say ' Yes'.

Anduin sighed and looked at the sky. A slight breeze went though the valley, and the sound of music, very far off, was barely heard. She slowly stood up, as did the wolf. Clutching Amaia, she walked toward the sound, the wolf close at her heels.

The End

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