Same Song?

Lucy stopped, hesitant.  What if the girl wasn't friendly? Turns out she was overly friendly.  She tackled Lucy and yelled,


"Can't....breath..." Lucy stuttered.  The girl jumped up, and asked Lucy

"What's your name?" 

"Lucy..." Lucy said.

"I'm Paige!!" she said excitedly.  Then she saw Lucy's guitar. "GUITAR!!" Paige yelled, then she went

"You play?"  Lucy asked as she sat up. 

"Yep!" Paige said excitedly, "Piano, guitar and flute!" then she began to hum the main tune of the song she was playing.

Lucy recognized the new song that Paige was playing.  She went over to the piano and began playing the same song.  She had played it for years.  She was enjoying it immensely, and by the look on Paige's face, Paige was too.

The End

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