Music Lovers United!

Paige was ecstatic. She wasn't alone! The girl kind of hesitated, like she was thinking, "What if it's an illusion? What if I can't trust her?" Paige just kept on running.

"YOU PLAY MUSIC!!!!!" Paige tackled the other girl. They fell to the ground. Paige wrapped her arms around the other girl's neck and hugged her tight. "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!"


Paige popped off the girl. "What's your name?"


"I'm Paige!" Paige spotted the guitar in the grass. "GUITAR!"

She scooped up the guitar, putting the strap around her neck.  She began playing the chords to "Turkey in the Straw."

"You play?" Lucy asked, sitting up.

"Yep! Piano, guitar and flute!" She started humming the main tune of the song she was playing.

The End

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