Lucy sat up suddenly.  She looked around herself to see that she was in a barren field with grass as tall as her.  She stood up and began to search for any clues of why she was there.  She heard a voice.  The voice was singing.  She ran towards it.  Anything to do with music was hers. 

She remembered little, but what she did brought joy.  She remembered her guitar, and her piano.  She stopped.  What she would do to have them their with her.  She imagined the feel of the strap of her guitar around her shoulder, the keys under her fingers.  Her shoulders began to feel a little bit heavier.  When she opened her eyes she saw her guitar around her shoulders.  Not any guitar, but hers, shiny as if it were fairly new, which it really was.  She looked around to see a piano on the grass.  She sat down, and the wind began to blow, just as she began to play her favorite song.

She heard the voice again, this time shouting in surprise.  She closed her eyes again, and let her fingers roam the keys.  When she finished she picked up her guitar and began to pick out a song, her memory of music coming back little by little.  She looked up to see a girl staring at her from afar.  She was wearing a gray and green hoody and she was saying something, but Lucy couldn't hear her over the music and the wind.  Lucy ran closer. 

The End

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