Paige sat with her sandalled feet pulled in close, her head on her knees, at the base of a huge tree. She only thing she was sure of was her name. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember anything except that she had a very good life. Why? Paige had no idea.

Seeking something to jog her memory, Paige reached into the pockets in her jacket. She felt something round and smooth attached to a cord. She pulled it out and studied it in the dim, fading light of the forest she had awoken in. It was an mp3player shaped like a rock. Paige's fingers automatically held down the play button on the bottom. A blue light turned on in the little device. Putting back into her pocket, she put her ear phones in. Familiar music began playing in her head. Hugging her knees, she listened to the comfort and soon began to sing along a little.

Paige stayed like that for hours. Her stomach grumbled. Closing her eyes, she envisioned a hot cheese pizza longingly. She could almost smell it. It was so real......

She opened her eyes. It was way too real to be fake. Looking down, she saw the pizza exactly as she imagined it in a box in front of her. Paige pulled a slice out and began eating. She ate half the pizza then closed the box.

The music coming from her headphones suddenly halted and a little beep sounded. Paige knew what that meant.

Her mp3 had died.

The silence seemed to seep into her brain. The sudden feeling of being alone overwhelmed her and she pulled her feet even closer and closed her eyes.

As her brain ticked in the silence, she came upon this idea: What if I imagine a charger?

The End

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