Andwuin's eyes opened. She was clutching Amaia

    "Where is we?" she whispered. Hugging her toy, even more tighter. She began to sit up slowly. It was getting darker and darker. A small thought came into her mind, and a small light fell at her feet. Andwuin was stunned by the beautiful light. Soon, they started to fall from the sky slowly, like snow. Only, warm and gave off light. She started to feel less frightened. A memory passed her vision...

   ...She stepped on a mismatch corner of the street, her mother steps ahead. Her face was a blur. "Mommy, wait!" Her mother faded out of reach and everything was going black. All that was heard was an echo of her words as darkness engulfed her...

  As the memory faded away, it was very dark and the sun was gone.

  "Goo-" she trailed off, and she slept.

The End

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