Arren lay on the floor, his body sprawled unnaturally on the daisies and clovers in the meadow he was currently inhabiting. Anyone who glanced at him would just assume he was an angel who fell from above. His hair danced around his tan face like it was alive, but it was just the light breeze rolling in from the East. A lurid yellow flower petal scurried across the lush grass and Arren inhaled the little piece of flower. 

Arren awoke with a start, coughing and spluttering as his throat grew sticky with the remains of the flower.

'Gross.' Mumbled the still choking boy. He stood up, and look around at his surroundings. This must be a prank one of his friends must have... who were his friends? 

Arren scratched his head and frowned. His brain strained to recall the memories he couldn't remember. His heart pounded in his chest, and as the fear rose in his heart, the bile rose in his throat and he was violently sick. 

'Ugh,' he groaned, squatting down and clutching tufts of his hair, 'where is this place? My head bloody hurts...'

The young boy sat down and huffed loudly. Well, he thought, what do I do now?

The End

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