Lyndsi - Awake

Lyndsi was half asleep. She could feel grass underneath her but she was too tired to really take notice. She had the feeling that she should open her eyes but Lyndsi didn't want to. That would mean waking up and waking up meant.... Something.... What did waking up mean?

Finally she decided it was time to open her eyes. Once she had, it took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the bright light. Had morning time always been this bright? She couldn't remember. Lyndsi examined her surroundings. What was she doing in a forest? She couldn't remember much but she was sure she didn't belong here.  Lyndsi sat up, confused. She spotted a river nearby and crawled over to it, too tired to walk.

Her reflection confused her even more. Why was she sleeping in her regular clothes? She was still wearing her neon pink and green zebra stripe shirt, her skinny jeans, black boots and a rainbow hat that had been made by.... Made by who? Why couldn't she remember anything?

"You're probably still waking up." Lyndsi told herself calmly. "This sort of thing probably happens all the time."  Slowly, she stood up. "Hello?" she called out into the trees. "Anyone out there?" No answer... Shaking her head she knelt back down by the river and splashed some water in her face to help her wake up.

It was then she heard someone else yelling. It was too far away to determine a gender but it was definitely a person. Quickly, Lyndsi ran to find the origin of the noise. Maybe they knew what was going on.

The End

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