Same Theme, different situations

Pacing up and down the hall outside the principal's office, Ravyn twisted her long black hair into a high pony tail. It hadn't even been her fault. The guy had pushed her into the locker's, all she did was grab his arm, twist it behind his back and then slam him against the locker's...Just to see if he liked being on the recieving end of the block of metal. 

He hadn't and that was why she was pacing outside the principal's office. Well had been, she had just been called into the room. 

------------------------A few hours later------------------------- 

She was going to kill him. Ravyn stomped out of the principal's office and headed towards the school exit. She had been kept with the principal until the end of the day, but first she had to make a detour towards her locker. 

Reaching the locker, she entered her code and then grabbed her stuff. the things that she had been trying to get out the first time she had been there earlier. Growling low in her throat she slung her beat up backpack over her shoulder and slammed her locker shut. Locking it back up, she heard the late bell go. Turning she began to leave but walked into the guys she had introduced to her locker earlier...

The End

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