The Accident

What if the popular kid hit the misfit? What if the misfit was the twin of the popular kid? Different situations, Same Theme.

A pale girl watched as her bike slid from underneath her and she went for an impromptu flying lesson over the hood of someone's car, her shoulder hit the unforgiving metal first and she heard a crack. Brilliant, she thought as the rest of her body hit and she slid over the side, the sound of crunching metal coming to her through her helmet. She flinched the only good thing about the crash being the fact she'd only have a broken shoulder and a few bruises. 

Chaos sprung to life after a few moments of deathly silence, in which she had come to rest on the icy floor and the driver's door beside her, she wondered if she was having a moment as she found that she wasn't panicking like a person who had been in a crash should be. All the felt was a little numb and calm, was that normal? 

The car door beside her opened and she looked at the person from the corner of her green eyes, as they crouched to see if she was okay. She hadn't moved yet, was that normal? 

The End

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