Best Friends

             A rhythmic thumping came from the basement living room where the fifteen-year-old blonde was jumping on the couch, keeping her closest guy friend’s LG Shine out of his reach. “Valerie Taylor!” a deep bass voice echoed throughout the almost empty modern mansion-like house. A high-pitched giggle followed. “I’m not joking, Val! If you don’t give it back, I’ll- I won’t help you out tonight!”

            Immediately, the drumming noise ceased and Val mumbled a soft, “’S not fair,” handing back his phone.

            Sean Goren, the black-haired grey-eyed owner of one LG Shine, chuckled and told her, “You’re such a pushover.”

            Val glared balefully. “Well, I’m sorry if I want to make a good impression!”

            “You’re forgiven.” Sean smirked cheekily. When Valerie rolled her lime green eyes, Sean stopped his teasing and buckled down to help out his best friend. “Okay, what do you want to know?”

            Tonight was the night of Valerie’s first date with an extremely popular guy that went to her high school. Val had very little experience with guys and immediately went to Sean for help.

The End

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