Writers note: This was going to be the beginning of a little story i was doing but it just never worked. However i kepted this part back because i'd worked so hard on it and love it!!

I am a monster. Well, I think I am. I am defiantly not human even though I look it. I am friends with darkness; I keep to the shadows, not because I like it but because it is better for everyone else. That does not sound selfish but believe me when I say, I am the most selfish creature in existence. I am a killer. That is me.

Im a killer. I kill people. I dont need anything from them but its this strong urge to kill them. I cant help myself, its like Im born to kill. I probably was. I've never been strong enough to abandon a meal or not kill for a long period of time. I am weak in some ways. I am a killer. That is me.

I am scared of myself, when the other side of me takes over. I dont think; I just kill. I cant explain it but its like you need to eat and I need to kill. I was born or made to kill. I am a killing machine. Nobody could think of such a creature like me. I am a killer. That is me.

I dont need to breath, I dont need to eat; I dont need to drink, I dont need to sleep; I dont need to talk to anyone. Although I can do all of that. Neither I nor anyone else has heard of something as gruesome as me. I am a killer. That is me.

I do not remember anything about the past, or how I came to be. I do not go by any name. I do not deserve one. People have called me things, what I presume are mythical creatures or creatures of nightmares. I am worse. I am a killer. That is me.

I need to stop my addiction but this is not like your normal caffeine or smoking addiction, this is something more dangerous. Like playing with fire but playing with peoples lives. I do not like to kill. However, I cannot help it. I am a killer. That is me.

I have tried to kill myself but nothing works so as the years go by all I hope for is something to kill myself with. I hate being who I am. I am a killer. That is me.

I have a power. Not strength, although I am stronger than a human by a long way. Not invisibility but I blend in perfectly with anything. Not speed but I can run a mile a minute. Not mind reading powers even though I can guess anything on a humans mind. Not flying although I could jump so high that I could touch an aeroplane in the air at the highest point. Not immortality, but I have look fifteen since I can remember. I am a killer. That is me.

My power is something so unique, sometimes I convince myself its not a real power. My power is the ability to kill. I watch someone, and my mind is racing, I think of all the possibilities to kill them. All the movements they might make, I'll have some move to catch them. That is my power, if that is one. I am a killer. That is me.

Nevertheless, there was hope. Like one shining light in a clouded sky. Like a flickering candle in the distance. There was once hope. It is a painful story for me to tell, but I will tell it. It needs to be told. How I, the killer, began to learn control for one reason.

Her name was: Emma, Emma Cooper and this is how the story goes

The End

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