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Whether your plot was incredible, and you just couldn't quite write it the way you wanted it (but couldn't bear to delete it), or if you thought it was amazing when you wrote it, then realized it couldn't work (for whatever reason) this is the place for it! Anyone can post anything, they can connect (or not) and they can be as strange and pointless (or normal and amazing) as you want! Just a place for thrown away stories that need to be shared.

Porches and Secrets

            “Nyx? Hey… Yeah. Porch two?” a tall brown haired boy asked quietly, cupping his black cell phone in his hand. His bright blue eyes flickered to his dad, who lounged in the living room with the boy’s mom. They didn’t look up. “Thanks. See you in a sec.” He hung up the phone.

            “Hey mom?” he called.

            “Hey is for horses, Landon,” his mom chided. Fifteen year old Landon rolled his eyes.

            “You care if I go running tonight?” His mom looked up from the television, her eyes catching Landon’s.

            She shook her head, smiling. “Have fun!” she called as he hurried towards the door. Because he was in such a rush, he tripped before he could reach the door. With a loud, resounding slap, Landon hit the ground. He groaned, rubbing his jaw. His mom just chuckled as he stood and embarrassedly shut the door behind him.

            As soon as he was out of the house, Landon broke into a sprint, still gingerly touching his jawbone. His feet led him to a light blue wrap-around porch where a petite girl waited for him, spinning gracefully around and around. Landon scowled.

            The girl waved as he approached her and laughed. “Trip again?” she asked, poking the quickly forming bruise on Landon’s jaw.

            “Not everyone is as graceful as you, Nyx,” Landon half joked, poking her in the side.

            Nyx’s grey-blue eyes widened as she giggled involuntarily. Her long, pin straight black hair swayed as she backed away from Landon. “C’mon!” she twirled, her feet making quiet tapping noises on the weathered wood.

            Landon followed her to two comfortable-looking chairs. Nyx sat down in one, leaving the other for him.

            “So, spill,” Nyx instructed. She leaned her elbows on the chair arm closer to Landon, tilting her head on her hand.

            “I just don’t know what to say to Michelle,” he answered, sighing. “Her friend Lisa asked me if I liked her, so I said I guess I did. But then she asked if I’d ask her out. I wanted to know if Michelle liked me back, but Lisa said that she was very ‘cryptic’. So now I don’t know if that was a yes or a no.” His sharp blue eyes held Nyx’s.

            Nyx took a deep breath, looking as if she was thinking very hard, before she answered. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I doubt she does. If Lisa said ‘she’s very cryptic’ that probably means that she suspects Michelle doesn’t like you, but she’s not sure. I think you should just keep talking to her, and decide what you think later.”

            Landon smiled, showing a dimple in his right cheek. “Alright, well, what’s going on in Nyx’s world? Any drama?”

            Nyx’s cheek flushed. “Well, I uh… met a guy,” she said softly. Landon’s eyes widened, along with his smile.

            “No way!” When Nyx confirmed with a small nod, Landon rubbed her head jokingly. “Good for you! He go to Verity High?”

            Nyx nodded. “His name is Liam Johnson.” Landon snapped his fingers.

            “He’s in my History class! He’s funny,” Landon nodded. Nyx smiled sweetly. She knew that meant he approved. “Shall we head off to our run?”

            Nyx nodded, slipping her heels into her bright yellow sneakers. Landon pulled out a shiny iPhone and opened his iTunes.

            Handing one headphone to Nyx, Landon chose the setlist titled “Running”. The song “Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal” by All Time Low buzzed out of the earphones. Nyx placed hers in her right ear, and Landon did the same in his left.

The End

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