Long LostMature


What else is there to do at night but visit the taverns and brothels? Nothing really. So that's where I found myself when I heard an announcement that caught my attention.

"Join Admiral Dragos and his crew on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful daughter of the Pirate Lord of Flame!"

Dragos? There was only one Dragos family that I had ever heard of. I would know better than most. I got up from my table and went to the herald trumpeting the news.

"Excuse me. Admiral Dragos... does he have a first name?"

"Why yes he does! Dravet or Dravel or..."


"Ah yes! Draven Dragos! That's it! Do you know him? Would you like to join his crew?"

"Well I'm not sure I want to join him just yet, but I do know him. Do you know where I might him?

"Yes. He is at the White Lantern Inn for the moment. Ah before you go... might I take your name down as un-decided for now?"

"Krux. Krux Dragos."

The herald looked up at me for a moment. his eyes searching my face, my body, looking for similarities. He must have found some sort of resemblance because his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened.

"Y-You are the Admiral's... brother sir?"

"Last I checked I was... it has been a while since the "admiral" and I talked... we were sep-... Why am I telling you this? Thank you for your help. I best be off."

I left the herald and the inn behind and set out in search of my brother. We hadn't parted under the best of circumstances. Not that we had argued... it was a bit more complicated than that. He uh... he was captured... by the Pirate Lord of Frost. It had been nearly 12 years.

After a few wrong turns, a few conversations with strangers, and a few bribes, I finally made my way to the White Lantern. I pushed the door open and was hit with the smells and sounds of a bar. And a tavern brawl. I stayed against the wall and looked around the room. In the midst of the chaos I saw someone who looked remarkably like me.

It was Draven, and he was in the middle of the fight.

I dove into the melee and grabbed him, attempting to pull him out. He must have thought I was an enemy brawler and he slugged me on the nose. Draven didn't recognize me, but he looked drunk so it didn't surprise me.

I punched him back and with a shout he went for his swords, a cutlass and a scimitar. I drew my own weapons, a longsword and shortsword and with a clash we met. He went for a slash across my chest, but I blocked and slipped under his next blow. I pulled his feet out from under him and and gave him a return slash. He rolled and rose with a roar shoving me back and pulling a out a flintlock pistol.

We stood facing each other, neither moving or speaking.

He stared at me, his mind searching my face, trying to push through the influence of the alcohol and figure out who I was.

"D-Do I know you?"

"I believe you do Admiral."

"You aren't... K-Krux?"

"Yes I am. It's been a long time brother..." I noticed the tatoos around his eye, and upon a closer look I realized that they weren't tatoos but curse markers.

"Brother what trouble have you gotten yourself into now?"

The End

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