The Pirate PrincessMature

Draven Drago's wants to hit it big in the world of pirates. He wants to be infamous. However in this world you have to born to infamous. For this world is filled with magical items, cursed items, and those who want them, and those who have to power to sieze it.

"Bring him Before me!" Bellowed a deep commanding, powerful voice that shook the darkly lit room. Draven was scared his comrades, wait no there was no comradery among pirates, and thieves. They had abandonned him here, knowing escape was impossible from one of the five great pirate lords strongholds.  Draven was dragged before the source of the voice, The Pirate King Payros!  Payros was a monster of a man, he had to be twice the size of the average man, he had cold black eyes that seemed to spell Draven's end. Ominous scars ran down his hardened face, age had began to set in scruffy dark hair, but he still held an intimidating stature. His clothing was rich for that of a Pirates, although it seemed a little faded, and the reds, blacks, and golds that coated his vest were very sleek in the unlit room.  Payro's adjust his position on the obsidian black throne, and swung his arm outwards, the fires on the wall brightened by the gesture.

"Who are you, and who do you work for?" He barked, anger filling his powerful voice.

"I am Draven Dragos, I worked under Pirate Queen Mada." Draven said his voice quivering in absolute fear.

" The Pirate Lord of Frost, dares to mock me? By stealing away my daughter, and whatever else that interests her!" He said with both Interest, and anger," What is the meaning of this? " Draven did not dare to answer. " Put out an order to have all of the treacherous wenches ship's to be boarded, and spoiled. She is no longer welcome in these waters!" He ordered to his 10 legendary captains. Draven longed to have such a status, maybe not with the Pirate king, but with any of the Pirate lords. He wished to be infamous, to be feared, and respected. Payros turned and looked Draven in the eye his dreams shattering before him. 

"What be the name of the ship you sailed on, boy?" He growled.

"The the the Four Gates of the North." He stammered.  There was no guilt in Draven's voice just fear.  Like most Pirates Draven only wanted to survive, and well seeing that he was abandoned here selling out Lady Mada and the crew of the Four Gates of the North, in hopes that his life to be spared seem like an equivalent exchange.  Besides those who wanted to be something in the world of pirates were rarely honourable men. Excuse the term rarely, never is a better statement. Payros gave a good laugh.

"Kill him. He is of no further use to us!"  He said cruelly. The pirates holding Draven up gave a chuckle as they readied their flintlock pistols.  Draven panicked he didn't want to die! No one wanted to die, but Draven had a goal, a purpose his dreams had not been realized yet, he hadn't lived long enough! His short life span flashed across his eyes willing him to say something.

"Wait! Give me a chance! I can tell you more!" He cried out.  The Pirate gave him a heavy glare, slowly breaking away at his Resolve.

" I know you have nothing else to show or tell me, but perhaps you may still be of use. Boys give me his effects."  He said. Draven gulped, A pirates worth was sometimes rated by the quality of the effects he had not an accurate way of doing so but the theory was "the better your booty, the better pirate you were"  Although the phrase had also become something of a sexual innuendo, it still rang true," A Cutlass and a Scimitar, oohhh the the cursed swords of amizerith. Very impressive for canon fodder....... and the Scorched flintlock pistol of the North."  Not only had this amazed on of the most infamous, most powerful Pirate lords in the world, Draven was amazed that these magical weapons were at all in his position. He knew they were magical, but never imagined them to be magical enough to amaze anyone," Well Draven Dragos, I think I know exactly what I want out of you. Bring him here boys." 


Draven woke his left eye burning painfully, he screamed as an orange substance dripped onto his hands. The Dream, memory flashed as he closed his eyes.  The pain subsided but the memory didn't. He moved his legs off the side of the bed expecting the room to roll a little. It didn't, reminding him that he was not at sea, not yet. He stood up catching a glimpse of the mark on his eye it  had turned his eye into a black mess with Yellow Iris and an orange pupil around it elegant black marks had formed what others called a tattoo. What it really was is a curse, A curse that wouldn't let him die. A curse that bonded his mind to the Pirate Princess, and as long as she lived he did. To end the curse he must bring her back to the Pirate King. With the few times he had been forced to see what she saw, he gathered that she had been taken to a north eastern Pirate hideout. Still Draven had little luck in getting to close to her with Lady Mada's men hunting him down, and finding a crew that would be willing to help him.

It had been half a year since his meeting with the Pirate King. A miserable half a year at that. Draven counted 130 attempts on his life, and 4o of those attempts were successful except, because of the curse the Pirate King had evoked on him, he would simply just feel the pain of dying. He put an eye patch around his cursed eye leaving the ordinary green one to be exposed. He put on dirtied while shirt and dark damaged leather vest over top of it, sliding his cursed weapons on the sheath's that hung of it. He placed the flintlock pistol loosely on his left. Loose and torn black pants barely held to his waist as he snuck out the room dropping ten feet to the dusted street below. Draven was not the scariest of pirates, or well known, but he did better in a fight then one might suspect of his stature.

"Today, I will find a crew, and maybe a Captain. If he or she is willing to take orders from someone like myself.

The End

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