I am stupid. Everybody knows that. I'm even stupid enough to admit it. 

However, if there's one thing I am not stupid enough to do it is go into my parents' room. I shall not risk seeing... that again.

"Calvin! Stop! You really don't want to-"

"Do you suffer from ICY?" he asks. ??



"Oh... er... no. No." then it dawns what he's saying. "NO! No, I have-" I clamp my lips shut.

"Sorry! Sorry! Just curious! Sorry! What do you suffer from?"

And of coarse, I'm stupid enough to only realize I should have lied after I told the truth. "Sims 3 addiction and LOI" I say

"Oh. So you don't really know what's in there?"

"I do! I've seen it! Seriously! Please. Please"

"But I'm curious" he points out. Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. He puts his hand on the handle. I push myself in front of him and press my back to the door. Through the thick wood I hear noises I'd rather not. "Please let me past"

"No! It's my house! You have to do what I say. Can't you read the sign?" I exclaim desperately.

"The sign made me curious"

"Uhh... uhh..."

"Please let me past. You're making me more curious"

"Uhh... uhh..." I struggle for something to say and end up with "Uhh... Curiosity killed the cat and it might seriously kill you if you don't go into a... uhh... nother room now. Seriously" Stupidness. More disgusting noises.

"Why?" Calvin reaches around me and pushes the door. In the space of three seconds I'm cowering against the wall in a little ball with my fists covering my eyes and Calvin has slammed the door loudly. I hope he jammed it.

"Oh" he whispers. "That's why"

I look up. His cheeks are bright red. I swear they'd set on fire.

"Told you" If you must know, my dad wasn't with my mum. And they were... were... Just work it out, OK? I realize my cheeks have flamed up too.

"Did you just snog or something?" whoever just appeared at the end of the hall asks.

"NO!" me and Calvin yell at the same time.

The End

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