Rayley: Something strange

Before I knew it, everyone was gone. Maybe I'd been idling again? It's a habit. Bad habit. It's like sleeping while standing up. You wake up in the morning, sit there for a while, then suddenly it's dark and time for dinner. I didn't mind of course.

I wondered how long I was idling for this time. Walking down the endless maze of portrait covered walls, I looked inside each room to find the rest of my group. Games room....swimming pool room....library....massive dining room....ball room....music room....sitting room....sofa room....another sitting room.... I peeked into the next room along and there I saw Rhiannon and Freddy laughing and having a great time. I longed to join them to get rid of the lonely feeling, but I knew no one liked to be disturbed while flirting. I walked on.

At the end of the corridor I saw something whizzing around. A ball of white light about the size of a head. It flew towards me and I could see a face emerging from the surface. The ball floated down to my open hands. It was liquid with a soft but strong membrane protecting it. A wispy face appeared with blank eyes.

"Who are you?" I whispered, squinting my eyes a little.

"Run while you can," it replied softly, almost as if it had multiple voices echoing inside the ball. "This house has many rooms, and inside every room is a dark secret. I have finally escaped. Run while you can." It flew up into the air and exploded into invisibility.

The End

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