Calvin Combe

I walk into the pharmacy, my quick and alert eyes taking in the environment. An old lady reaches out with a quivering hand for her medicine from the pharmacist. I can't make out the name from where I stand, and I can't stand that. I quickly walk up to the pharmacist, looking at the bottle of pills the old lady has just taken.

The print on the bottle is too fine for my bad eyes. The old lady starts walking away. I resist the urge to shout out and ask her what the medicine is. I distract myself by looking at a group of teens in the corner of the shop. A pharmacy is a strange place to hang out. I wonder what they are doing here.

"Hey! People! Does anyone wanna come round to my house?"  One girl announces loudly. I wonder what her house looks like. I wonder if she would mind if I tag along.

"Ahem." I turn to look at the pharmacist. Why am I here? I wonder. Then it comes back to me.

"I have a...a..." It is hard for me to get my mind of the group.

"A prescription, perhaps?" The lady prompts, a little annoyed.

"Yeah, that thing." I pull out the slip of paper the doctor had handed me.

"A severe case of Curiosity, hmm?" She looks at me and sighs.

"So what's the treatment?"

She hands me a thick pile of novels. I go through them- all of the mystery genre.

"Read them within the month." She commands. "Then come back for more."

I take the books without protesting and dump them into my backpack. I could get the theory of it. If I lost myself in mystery novels, it would maybe help curb my Curiosity in real life and keep my nose out of other people's business. I doubt it will work, but I love mystery novels, so I'll read them anyway.

As the group of teens starts to leave,  I follow them, trying to be inconspicuous. They come to a stop in front of a huge mansion. I stare at it with glee. I love huge mansions. There's so much to explore...

One of the girls is scribbling furiously in her notebook. I suddenly can't stand not knowing what she is writing. I simply must know. I walk up to the group, forgetting my plan of being an inconspicuous follower.         


The End

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