The mansion

"We're leaving!" I shout, receiving a glare from the moody pharmacist in return. "Chancey, that includes you." She is still on the floor scribbling away as if trying to set her notepad on fire. Rihannon and Freddie seem to be getting along well. I catch her eye then mime drawing a huge love heart and she sticks her tongue out at me.

"We're going." I declare. Opening the door, I step outside followed by the rest, leaving Chancey behind.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" She tucks her notepad under her arm and puts the lid back on her pen (finally).


"So, this is my house." Cassie waves at a mansion in front of our surprised frozen faces.

"H-h-house?" I stumble over my own tongue.

"Yeah, come on."

"Wait, I really really need to write a description of this place. It's like an itch I can't get rid of." Chancey's notepad flies open once again as she sits down on the massive lawn and begins writing like an artist would draw.

"Um, Chancey? How long would this all take?"

"Hmm, probably four hours tops. This is a mansion after all."

The End

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