Come Round?

"Excuse me, why has my game frozen?" I ask Chancey. She looks at the screen on my phone and sighs. 

"Someone's ringing you. Seriously. I thought that lack of intelligence just meant that you weren't too clever..."

"Oh, I'll answer it later" I say, expressing my stupidity "It's not lacking in intelligence, it's more just general stupidness. But I don't think that illness exists..."

"I didn't know stupidity was an illness"

"It is when you're as stupid as me. My mum says it's because my brain is packed full of internet computer life control things from Sims, so I haven't got room for anything else. I didn't know that writing obsessively was an illness" I say. "How do you ring someone back?"

"Press redial"

"Which buttons that?" I said knowhow in computers not mobiles. Chancey takes the phone from me.

"Here, it's ringing" she says and gives me back the phone, then she carries on writing. I swear that her notepad is gonna set on fire soon.

"Oh, thank you" I say. "Hello?"

"Cassie, Rebecca has gone to one of her friends' house, so you can invite someone over if you like" Mum tells me. Oh dear. I don't really have any friends. Oh well, might as well make some. I cut the phone off.

"Hey! People! Does anyone wanna come round to my house?" I ask loudly. That's what popular kids do... well, I've seen them doing it anyway.

The End

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