Nothing to do

"Do you know how to get to school?" I ask Chancey while staring intently at Cassie who is round the corner looking at strawberry Vaseline pots.

"Gimme your phone number and I'll text you." Cassie raises her eyebrow at me and I blink at her.

"It's O77-JUST-A-KID."

Chancey takes out her notepad, writes my number down then flips to the front, sits down on the floor and starts writing in a chapter.

"You write a lot...."I tell her.

"Not really, this is only my twenty-sixth book." She uses an A3 size notepad with lines one centimeter apart with around 200 odd pages.

"Yeah..." I leave her and skip over to Cassie. Cassie who is playing Sims 3 on her mobile. "You know there are surveillance cameras around right?"

"Oh, do they take good pictures?" She asks, eyes glued to the screen. I sigh then walk over to the window, looking at the dark cloud above me that seem ready to burst any moment.

The End

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